Grace Fine Art Gallery

Sadly Zip 37 is no more. The landlords raised the rent so much that we were forced out, as often happens in art districts that become gentrified. My new home for my fine art painting is Grace Fine Art in the Santa Fe Arts…


I’ve started a YouTube channel about my art projects, mostly related to gaming. I posted some videos in the video section. Check it out and like and subscribe!

Sonia Blade Dancer

Here is another small series of paintings of Denver belly dancer Sonia Burns with her amazing costumes!

Instagram Feed

I apologize for not updating the website as often as I should. I really use this site mostly to show some of the best pieces from my portfolio to potential clients. To see regularly updated work follow me on Instagram here:

Night Gallery

Here are a few new fine art pieces from a series called Night Gallery

Hello world!

Hello everyone. I’ve had some serious issues with hosting, and my entire website was deleted. Please bear with me while I rebuild. I apologize for the inconvenience.